Seasonal Tip Spring

After the cold of winter has retreated it’s time to watch the bulbs come up in early spring.

Look for some Grape Hyacinth and Yellow Daffodils to arrive first around the end of March. I know its spring when I see the Forsythia shrub start to get some yellow flower blooms on it.  This to me is also an indication that it is time to apply the Crab Grass pre-emergent.   By applying this granular fertilizer, you will essentially be sterilizing your yard against annual grassy weeds such as Crab Grass.  The down side to this application is that you will not be able to seed any of those bare areas in your yard until at least July.  If you have had a lot of issues with Crab grass the previous year it is essential that you apply this chemical to help limit the weed this coming year.  You will not even see Crab grass appear until the end of June, by that time it is very difficult to treat with a post herbicide.   So please contact us to help you with your lawn care needs this spring and enjoy the warmth of spring.